Monday, November 18, 2013

1948 Chief restoration...color choice!

It is getting to that time where the fenders, tanks, and other parts soon will be mounted on my 1948 Indian restoration.

Rumor has it that an Indian could be had in any color the DuPont company made as they owned Indian at the time. Some of the mainstay colors are below:

Let's start with some solid color examples...
Very popular maroon, black solo seat in fringe, not a fan of the pinstripe around everything:
 Another maroon, 1948 bike, black two-up seat in fringe:
Indian Red, solo seat, no fringe...I kind of like this seat:

 Indian Red? Tad bright, solo tan seat, no fringe:
Always popular solid black, black seat, no fringe:

 Less popular colors (not on my hit list):

These color combos can be interesting.
maroon over black, two-up seat, fringe, black rims:
Black over Indian red, solo tan seat, no fringe:
(chrome forks and slammed seat not original)
Black over maroon again, but tank is solid color
I like this look, but with two tone tank:
Bumble bee yellow over black...uh, no...
Bring on the two-tone with cream...
two-up seat in fringe, white walls. Not feeling this one.
 I really don't feel this one. Purple and cream? 
The two-up seat with no fringe isn't a great look.

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